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Crystal McWilliams

Crystal McWilliams, 2 days ago

With a growing population of 8 billion people, 24% of the earth’s land is being used to raise livestock. Arts Academy students in Mr. Mac’s science classes took the initiative to show our community the importance and need for sustainable food. Crickets provide 4x the protein than beef, and are full of omega oils and vitamins. However, a shift in how we view ”strange” food such as crickets needs to happen, and these students are leading by example! view image

Calvin Clark

Calvin Clark, 5 days ago

The Diamonds on the Fly High School fishing club is still accepting donations towards new fly fishing gear! We are currently only $299 short of our goal! If you are willing to donate (donations are tax deductible) please visit view image

Jamie Dale

Jamie Dale, 6 days ago

Mrs. Dale’s psychology students are building and eating neurons in class today. view image

Joshua Depner

Joshua Depner, 6 days ago

8th Grade U.S. History students working on projects as part of a unit on Native American cultural geography. view image

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