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Matt Young

Matt Young, about 5 hours ago

6th Grade Parents and Students! Don't forget to come over to the 7-12 campus tonight to learn about scheduling and answer your big questions about your new opportunity! view image

John Hines

John Hines, 1 day ago

Parents, In an effort to improve participation, we will be conducting the upcoming school board election online. The eligible voters will be the two primary guardians listed in our student information system. An email went out today to all eligible voters. If you received the email, then you are all set. If someone in your family did not get this email, and you feel they should be eligible to vote, please contact one of our registrars. Thank you, John Hines Technology Director

Jamie Dale

Jamie Dale, 11 days ago

Mrs Dale’s AP Psychology students are creating “Self” masks modeled after the art of the New Zealand Maori people using concepts they have learned from recent personality units. Each mask incorporates 2D and 3D symbolism to represent their “inner selves” as well as how they believe they are perceived. view image

Matt Young

Matt Young, 12 days ago

Don't forget to order your yearbooks! Today is the last day. Go to and our K-6 yearbook ID is 12290619. view image

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Mar 26
Mar 26

Event: Junior High D&D Club
3:40 PM - 4:40 PM

Mar 26

Event: Boys Soccer Vs. Oakdale
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM