Michael Begay works with AAA HS students

A group of high school guitar, percussion and voice students are participating in a two-day Master Class with conductor Michael Begay. Begay is a Diné performer/composer, who has been invited to the 6th annual Native American Cultural Celebration INDIGENUITY 2.0 at the Museum of Native American Museum to perform this Wednesday September 21st at 6:30 pm. Originally based on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona, Begay lives in Baltimore, Maryland, after being accepted to The Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute of Music. An accomplished musician and composer, Begay studies Native American and non-native music composition. 

Begay will introduce themes being discussed at the Cultural Celebration and have students reflect on the topics to create an original student-composed work using non-traditional technics with instruments as well as exploring sound into the composition. The finished work will be performed with Michael Begay at the conferences culminating event.

Arkansas Arts Academy students will kick off the performance on Wednesday evening with their student-composed work with the help of Michael Begay. Then watch Michael Begay and Larry Mitchell in concert. We invite parents, students, and educators to join us and celebrate this event. The concert is free to attend but you must register online to ensure a seat at the event.  To register visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/6th-annual-native-american-cultural-celebration-tickets-403724299247

To learn more about MONAH and the Native American Cultural Celebration Indigenuity 2.0 taking place this week visit https://www.monah.org/2022nacc