HS students attend Annual Native American Cultural Celebration

AAA is proud to participate in the 6th Annual Native American Cultural Celebration INDIGENUITY 2.0 at the Museum of Native American Museum (MONAH).

Ms. Allison Hannah’s science classes visited MONAH to attend a panel conversation titled Environmental Problem Solvers. Dr. Daniel Wildcat, (Yuchi member of the Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma) professor of Indigenous and American Indian Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University. Joining Dr. Wildcat were First Nation scholars Dr. Michelle Montgomery, Patrick Austin Freeland and Dr. Paulette Blanchard. The panel led a conversation on the topic of how Indigenous environmental scientists navigate modern Indigenous problems.

Recognizing that Arkansas Arts Academy students accounted for half of the attending audience the panel members encouraged and challenged our students to use their voices, to be stewards of the earth and cultivate a community of problem solvers to overcome inherited challenges and be the revitalizing generation of hope and positive, social change.

To learn more about MONAH and the Native American Cultural Celebration Indigenuity 2.0 taking place this week visit https://www.monah.org/2022nacc