LHS promo

Don't miss the musical Little Shop of Horrors being performed this week at the high school on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  Tickets are $5 for students & $10 for adults and are available through Eventbrite www.eventbrite.com/o/arkansas-arts-academy-43331642003 or at the door.

Arrive early and experience the Weird Science Arts Integration Laboratory in the Commons. Prior to each performance a pre-show consisting of various stations featuring  arts integration projects. Stations representing various academic and arts disciplines showcasing arts integration projects created by students that connect themes from the musical to the respective discipline. The Weird Science Pre-Show will open one hour before each performance 6-7pm on Friday April 22nd, Saturday April 23rd and 2-3 pm on Sunday April 24th.

Weird Science Arts Integration Pre Show Stations Include: 

  • The Little Shop of Horrors: Invasive Species Installation created by students in Ms. Wenzel's Wandering Cloud Creative Writing Class offering Haiku poems written from the perspective of invasive plants. 

  • Menacing Flora: Students in Mrs. McWilliams visual art class are learning about the printmaking process of etching, and producing original prints. 

  • Fantastic Fabrication: Tech theatre students built the sets and creatures with the assistance of Mr. Wipplinger and Mr. Jones. See the process of how these creative creatures were made.   

  • TERROR-aium Tunnel: Ms. Klatt's Painting II class has created a tunnel filled with neon painted carnivorious plants that glow in the black light lit tunnel. 

  • Exo-PLANT-ets: Mrs. Moreira’s 8th grade scientists are exploring exoplanets and possible planetary conditions for life on these planets. The class will display their research using INFOGRAPHICS.

  • Ink Creatures and Monster Stories: Visit Mrs. Spalter's Fiction Craft station to experience chilling stories and illustrations. 

  • Simulation Alien Invastion: Enjoy Mr. Farmer's Video Game Design class station to see has students collected data to simulate the growth of the alien plant over time. It doesn't look good for humanity...

  • Molecular Mobiles: The Commons will display mobiles created by students in Mr. Myrick's Physics and AP Physics classes. 

  • Exponential Plant Growth: Students in Mr. Barrow's Algebra I class created graphs based on the alien plant, Audrey II, growing at linear progression and Audrey II growing at an Exponential progression.

  • Not So Bored Games Mrs. Cook's Digital Media classes are creating board games inspired by the story and characters of the muscial Little Shop of Horrors. 

  • Performing Puppets: Check out the amazing puppets created by Mrs. Konomi's Fashion Design classes. Students used patterns to create unique puppets. Students will write a moralizing script based on their characters and perform a puppet show for elementary students later in the semester. 

Concessions will be available as well! Visit the culinary station and purchase a cup of PARASITIC PLANT PUDDING or "swing" by the AAA JAZZ BAND station for Little Shop themed baked goods and listen to their musical version of the musical soundtrack. In addition there will be a Silent Auction and Raffle hosted by the Prom Committee.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

For more information visit https://sites.google.com/artsk...