7th Grade Class visits MONAH

Today Mr. Stephenson’s 7th grade Arkansas History classes visited the Museum of Native American History (MONAH) museum in Bentonville.  Students are researching First Nation cultures both indigenous and those that were relocated by force to what is now the state of Arkansas.  Each student was assigned a specific tribe (Caddo, Quapaw Osage and Cherokee) and will conduct research and present their findings to their class.

Charlotte Buchanan-Yale, Executive Director of MONAH, welcomed AAA students to the museum and shared traditional stories and historical accounts relating to specific objects within the collection.  Students were then given time to visit each of the galleries to research artifacts from their assigned tribe.  The visit served as a primary resource center affording the classes to see actual historic objects created by tribal communities and ask museum staff questions about the cultures and objects within the collection of the museum.

The museum visit concluded with a scavenger hunt for arrowheads. Each student was allowed to keep their favorite. Thank you to the director and staff of the Museum of Native American History! If you would like to learn more about the Museum of Native American History and their programs please visit monah.org