Ms. Laura Brewer from the Peel House shows students a wooly bear caterpillar

The first grade class visited the Peel House Museum and Heritage Gardens in Bentonville today as part of their geography and science lessons.  In geography students are learning about communities and how people settle in specific locations due to the natural resources in the area.  To discover more about their community students were asked to compare present day families, daily life, objects and events to those in the past.  The Peel House Museum served as the perfect opportunity for the students to see how the Peel family lived during the 19th century in Northwest Arkansas.  Students toured the 146 year-old home and learned about the daily life of families in this region at that time.

The class also toured the gardens on the grounds of the Peel House where they were able to see the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly taking place at this very moment.  The grounds team at Peel House have planted milkweed around the house to attract Monarch butterflies and it has worked!  Stages from the egg, larva, chrysalis and adult stages were all identified. 

The students will complete their experience with an arts integration project where each student will create a picture book inspired by Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Students will use their artistic talents and finger prints to create a visual story of the various stages of the butterfly life cycle.

AAA would like to send a very special THANK YOU to Ms. Layne Hyatt, Ms. Laura Brewer, Ms. Kelsey Atwood and the wonderful docents Ms. Rose, Ms. Nelle, and Ms. Jane who made our visit to Peel House so amazing.  If you would like to learn more about the Peel House Museum and Heritage Gardens please visit