AAA Students and Staff Adopt-A-Frontliner!

It takes more than a community to run a hospital, especially if that facility is within a designated “hot spot” during times of crisis.  This is the case for Montefiore Medical Center located in the Bronx, New York. Through our connection with Zev Slurzberg, former Museum Educator at Crystal Bridges Museum and now a Museum Educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, AAA was invited to participate in Adopt-A-Frontliner. This voluntary project was started by Adira Hulkower, a bioethicist at Montefiore Medical Center and offers the opportunity for EVERYONE (kids! adults!) to say THANK YOU to frontline workers.

The Bronx Hospital gave a loud SHOUT OUT on Facebook to Mrs. Willard’s 3rd grade class as well as to the staff that participated in the program last week. Students and staff created beautiful cards with heart-felt messages of thanks to these heroes who are working extra hours to ensure the well-being and health of those need.   

Thank you Adira for initiating this program and THANK YOU to all who work in the healthcare profession. We are indebted to your service and dedication to helping others.  

Visit the site below to see the gallery of works of art that AAA staff and students created as well as volunteers from all over the country or if you would to learn more or participate in the Adopt-A-Frontliner project