Arkansas Arts Academy has 7 Board Members.  They meet each month of the year on the 2ndTuesday of the month.  This year there are two Board Members up for reelection.  The election will be held on Tuesday, April 15, 2020.  If you decide to run, you must include which candidate to compete against.

The function of the Arkansas Arts Academy Board of Education is to establish policies that guide the operation of the school in areas such as instruction, personnel, facilities, management and community relations.

Each year the Board of Education must evaluate the superintendent.  In addition, it approves the annual proposed budget, oversees spending, and approves the curriculum.

As a Board of Education member you effectively agree to attend regular monthly and special board meetings, to review the board packet in advance of meetings, and to keep informed about the issues on which you make decisions. Annual school board training is required.

A Board of Education member cannot be an employee of Arkansas Arts Academy or have a personal financial interest in the school. A member must currently have a child attending Arkansas Arts Academy or a child that graduated from the school.

In order to win a contested race, a candidate must receive the greatest number of votes, defined as at least one vote more than any other candidate(s). In the event of a tie, the School Board shall utilize a random method of selection to determine the winning candidate.

Uncontested positions will be awarded to the incumbent by default.

Please apply online by clicking on the link below.  All applicants are due by April 2nd and following the April Board meeting on April 9th we will have a panel with all applicants. 

Arkansas Arts Academy Board of Education Application