Fundraising partnership with El Parche Coffee!

We are excited to announce our fundraising partnership with El Parche Coffee!

When you purchase K-Cups or 12oz bags, El Parche sends us $1 for every item shipped to you.  If coffee is a major part of your day, order a 5lb bag!  We receive $4 for each 5lb bag!  If you subscribe for regular coffee deliveries, the donations will really add up.  Click on the links below to begin shopping.

El Parche is a family owned company that grows, roasts, and packages their coffee in the mountains of Colombia.  They support their community by developing women in management, creating schools and medical centers, preserving the rainforest, and now they are helping to support our community.

With every sip of El Parche coffee, you will be enjoying world-class, mountain-grown coffee while helping the Arts Academy become world-class!  

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