The AAA Diamond Mountain Bike Team is off to a great start this year and just completed their second race this weekend.

We are so proud of all the student athletes that competed in the heat last weekend. We know it wasn’t easy but they all finished their races and left it all out in the trail!

Arkansas Arts Academy is in the top 10 for points after the first two races!

High School:
Victoria Hatley (11th grade) finished 3rd in the JV girls category-

Caleb Leis (11th grade) finished top 15 in the JV boys category 

Hayden Blocker (10th grade) finished top 15 in the Sophomore boys category 

Parker Kyles (9th grade) finished top 20 in the Freshman boys category 

Hudson Robnett & Sam Hanson (8th grade) both finished top 20 in the 8th grade boys category

Sara Jane Post (8th grade) finished 10th in the 8th grade girls category

Atlas Hatley (8th grade) completed his first mountain bike race!

Henry Little (7th grade) finished top 10 for 7th grade boys category - after overcoming a pile up wreck at the start of the race

Victoria Hatley, Caleb Leis, Hayden Blocker, and Parker Kyles all scored points for the Arkansas Arts Academy Mountain Bike Team! 

K-6 Campus:

Dunning Hancock (6th grade) finished top 20 in the 6th grade boys category

Jonah Cotton (6th grade) finished top 25 in the 6th grade boys category

Our next race is at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in Bentonville on Sunday, October 20th. This will be the last local race of the season!

Go Diamonds!