Header Dance

It is our aim to develop students physically, intellectually and creatively for excellent engagement with dance as a fine art.

That engagement may be as a professional dancer, professional hopeful, or as a lover and supporter of dance and a lifelong mover.

Our main focus is “concert dance,” dance that is intended for an audience and generally performed in a theatre setting, as opposed to social dance forms. Middle school students will build a foundation of technique rooted in ballet and modern dance, with opportunities to explore choreography and participate in performances. High school students will continue formal technique training while developing artistry and receiving guidance to navigate a path for their future relationship with dance.

It is our belief that everyone can dance. Additionally, everyone can learn valuable skills and tools from the study of dance that can be applied in many contexts.

Our ultimate goal is to provide both a foundation and the necessary tools for all students to have the widest range of options and possibilities when it comes to dance beyond the Arkansas Arts Academy.

Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.

Martha Graham