Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Plans

Arkansas  Act 862 of 2017 allows a public school district and open-enrollment public charter school to develop a plan for alternative methods of instruction to be used on days when the superintendent closes school due to exceptional or emergency circumstances. As stated in the legislation, the Secretary of Education may grant the use of alternative methods of instruction, including without limitation virtual learning, on days when the public school district is closed due to exceptional or emergency circumstances such as: contagious disease outbreak, inclement weather, or other acts of God, or utility outage. The public school district’s alternative instruction plan shall demonstrate how teaching and learning in the public school district will not be negatively impacted by the use of alternative methods of instruction.  

District AMI Plan 2021-2022

7th-12th Grade AMI Plan 2021-2022

K-6th Grade AMI Plan 2021-2022

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