Student Meal Charging Policy 

Recognizing the occasional need for students to charge meals, the following guidelines are set in place as a collection procedure for negative balances in student meal accounts. 

Elementary / Middle School Students 

First Notice: 

When a student’s lunch account accrues a negative balance a reminder note is sent home to parents that day. Meals will continue to be provided to the student on a “charging” basis. Ala carte items may not be purchased if a student’s account has a negative balance. 

Continued Notice: 

On the third consecutive day with a negative balance a phone call will be made to parents or guardians by the Food Service Manager or Director to make arrangements to bring the account current. If they are not reached by phone an email will be sent if available. 

If contact has not been made with the parent or guardian, or satisfactory arrangements achieved and the student has charged 5 meals or $15.00, the student will be provided and charged for a sack lunch consisting of a sandwich and juice. The parent may be notified at this time that should the account accrue to an amount greater than $50.00 in arrears and a payment arrangement is not achieved, the account may be sent to an agency for collection. Meals will continue to be provided to the student unless the Superintendent makes a decision to stop meal service. 

High School Students 

High School students may charge meals for one day, or more if arrangements have been made in advance. If the student does not have funds in their account, the next 3 (Three Days) they will be provided and charged for a sandwich, fruit and a milk. On the 4th day, you are no longer allowed charges. Ala carte items may not be purchased by students with a negative balance. 

Adult Accounts 

Adults are expected to pay for meals daily or in advance. If an adult account becomes negative a notice will be given to the adult staff member. 2016 / 2017