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Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter, 1 day ago

Student Art Spotlight Breanna Tucker, 8th grade. Title: Nova Rei Lising, 8th grade. Title: Ren Atsuuki view image

Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter, 2 days ago

Student Art Spotlight Olivia Larsen, 8th grade Title: Blooming Spring Submit K-12th artwork (picture) or short artist performance (video) to Mrs. Carpenter for a chance to be the next student-art spotlight! view image

Heather Wright

Heather Wright, 3 days ago

High School Yearbooks are still available for pre-order. Go to: . Finished yearbooks will arrive in May and we'll get them distributed to students before the end of the year! view image

Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter, 13 days ago

Celebrate the Arts Message from PTG: This year is the school’s 10th anniversary. The PTG chose a special theme for Celebrate the Arts to mark the event, A Night at the Masquerade. When the Coronavirus hit our shores, we knew it was just a matter of time until Arkansas would be affected. Over the past two weeks, things have happened at a fast pace, the updates happening almost hourly. CTA has been the topic of conversation for the PTG for the past several days. What are our options, can we cancel, do we postpone, what about donation items and our sponsors? We are still working hard to get answers. We had a face-to-face meeting scheduled, but with the events of the last 48 hours, we decided it was safest for everyone to try to resolve this over the phone if possible. The venue is facing a difficult situation, too. All their scheduled events are asking for refunds. We are a small nonprofit and we’re hoping that will work in our favor. I have spoken with an attorney and asked about our legal options, Amber has reached out to our accountant. With the latest update of schools being closed for an additional 3 weeks, moving forward will be a slow process. We ask for your patience. A great deal of time has been spent working on this and we do not want to give wrong information. We will keep you updated as we find things out. ONLINE AUCTION We are planning to hold an online auction for all the items that have been donated, the money will still go to the school. There are some fantastic items, things that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. If you would like to help organize this event, we would love your assistance. A date will not be decided upon until we have had a chance to speak with Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Carpenter. We know this is frustrating. We will do our best to have this resolved soon. If you have any questions, please email the PTG at Sincerely, Jennette Southworth, Amber Pashby, Kim Cameron view image

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