Technology is very important to the learning process at Arkansas Arts Academy and we have a device for every student. Student in Grades 1–12 are provided with a Chromebook laptop to use while at school and at home.  Kindergarteners use iPads.  Due to COVID-19, virtual students have the option of using a personal device while connected to their school provided Google account, but regardless a school provided device has been acquired for every student regardless if they have opted to use their own.  Note that personal devices are not permitted to be used by students at school.

Our infrastructure is managed by a collection of about fifteen servers, both physical and virtual, which host critical district services including domain controllers, computer deployment and management, security and access control, and surveillance, as well as cafeteria, library, and print management. We use Google Workspace (Enterprise for Education) for our student and staff. Each student and staff member has unlimited storage available in their school-provided Google account. We are constantly making plans and implementing changes to better serve our teachers and students.

1-1 Device Program


- Dell 11 3100 Chromebook (Newest) with USB-C Charger

- Dell 11 5190 Chromebook with USB-C Charger

- Dell 11 3180 Chromebook with large round plug Charger

- Lenovo 11e Chromebook with rectangular plug Charger

- Apple iPad 7th Generation (Kindergarten)

Policies and Procedures

Students are expected to be good digital citizens. The following policies and procedures are relevant to the 1-1 Device program and technology as a whole at Arkansas Arts Academy:

CHROMEBOOK Insurance Option:

Our devices are built to be used by students. They have very few moving parts under the hood and should stand the test of time. However, we know that sometimes accidents happen. That is why we wanted to provide parents with an optional insurance option.

$25 will cover your student’s take-home Chromebook for the entire school year. This covers one incident and a deductible of $25 will be charged for each subsequent incident. This provides protection against accidental damage and theft. (Theft claims require a police report.) Examples of accidental damage include cracked screens, liquid damage, and drops. More information on insurance is provided below. The Insurance does not cover damage that is the result of negligent use or loss. MALICIOUS DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

Parents need to opt in or opt out by filling in the Chromebook Insurance Form and returning it at the beginning of the shool year.

Checks can be made to Arkansas Arts Academy and be brought to the school office or the fee can be paid through MyPaymentsPlus.