The Arkansas Arts Academy orchestra program provides string students with unique opportunities to play music in many different styles and genres.

Ensembles include:

Junior High String Orchestra: A 7-8th grade string ensemble for violin, viola, cello and bass players. This ensemble establishes the fundamentals for ensemble string players and prepares them for entry into the symphonic orchestra when they enter high school.

AAA Symphonic Orchestra: A full symphonic orchestra consisting of 9-12 grade string, woodwind, brass, and percussion students. This ensemble is AAA's premiere performing ensemble and participates in at least four concerts each school year.

AAA Camber Music Class: This is a 9-12 grade ensemble focused on small ensemble performances. String, woodwind, brass, piano, and ensemble percussion students learn rehearsal skills in preparation for many performances throughout the year. These can include holiday events, fundraising opportunities, or collaborations with other AAA ensembles.

The AAA orchestra program regularly partners with other arts disciplines to present collaborative concerts. Whether they are playing chamber music, accompanying live dance performances, or playing as a string section within the Rockhoppers band, orchestra students are given many opportunities to expand their skills and gain valuable performance experience.

A symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything.
- Gustav Mahler