Our 8th grade interdisciplinary team works together to support every learner as they transition from a middle school daily schedule to a high school block schedule with longer classes.  They also work closely with Freshman level teachers to ensure that students are ramping up to high school level expectations throughout the year.  In addition to six academic courses in Science, Math, History, English, PE/Health, and Computer Essentials, students are immersed in 1.5 hours of fine arts instruction each day.  The thirty minute daily seminar time is used for enrichment or remediation as needed, career exploration, and coding instruction.

8th grade English -- Paula Scott

Ms. Scott also teaches the 8th grade Writing Lab.  These students have been honing their writing skills by publishing a blog, The Diamond Gazette.  Please read their contributions and leave feedback for our young authors.

8th grade Science -- Tonya Jetton

8th grade History -- Josh Depner

8th grade Math -- James Hobbs-Taber