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Mr. Clark’s Counselor Page!

Meet the Counselor:

Hello, my name is Calvin Clark and I am the 7th-9th School Counselor! This is my 2nd year as a school counselor here at the Academy. I love what I do and I’m here to help!

What I can help with:

Social and Emotional issues, learning, and developmentCollege and Career preparation

Academic support

And everything in between!

Contact Info: cclark@artsk12.org479-631-2787

Please feel free to email me at anytime, as that is the best way to reach me. I am often out of my office, so emailing me is the way to go!

If you are a student in 7th-9th grade needing to meet with me, there is a counseling request form in my Counselor’s Classroom to request an appointment, as well as a hyperlink to the form on your chromebook desktop!

Social and Emotional Support:

CORE MINDFULNESS APPROACH(You’ve got to Practice).

Try getting to a point where you use them all at the same time!

Self-management Activities. Be kind to yourself. When you can’t control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond.

Try taking a non-judgemental stance

  • SEE, BUT DON’T EVALUATE. Take a non-judgmental stance. Just the facts. Focus on the “what,” not the “good” or “bad.”
  • UNGLUE YOUR OPINIONS from the facts.
  • ACCEPT each moment non-judgmentally, as a tree accepts both the sun and rain that falls upon its branches.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the helpful, but don’t judge it. Acknowledge the harmful, but don’t judge it.

Be mindfully in the moment

  • DO ONE THING AT A TIME. When you are eating, eat. When you are walking, walk. When you are working, work. When you are in a conversation with a friend, be present in that conversation with your friend. Give each activity your whole focus.
  • If other actions, thoughts, or strong feelings distract you, LET GO OF DISTRACTIONS, and go back to what you are doing—go back again and again and again.
  • CONCENTRATE YOUR MIND. If you find you are doing two things at once, stop and go back to one thing at a time.

Be Effective

  • FOCUS ON WHAT WORKS. Do what needs to be done in each situation in order to meet your goals. Stay away from evaluative language: “I am stupid because I didn’t get an A” or “My teacher ignores me because she hates me.”
  • INSTEAD, FOCUS ON THE FACTS. “I didn’t get an A because Algebra is a challenge for me. I will study harder next time” or “My teacher hasn’t been calling on me lately. I will tell her that this frustrates me.”
  • LET GO of vengeance, useless anger, and self righteousness that hurts you and doesn’t work in the long run. When in doubt, get some help or feedback.

College and Career:

The test that many colleges and universities look at for entrance, the ACT. Dates, Info, and Tips on how to prepare.


Find a career based on your interests.


What are your plans after high school? Go to college, trade school, the military? Do you want to start working right away?


Life after high school. What college should you go to? How will you pay for it all?




Academic Support

Many teachers, as well as peer ambassadors are available for tutoring here on campus. If you believe you need additional support, here are some local agencies*.

Sylvan Learning of Rogers

4408 W. Walnut St. #3

Rogers AR, 72756 (479) 202-6313

Tutor 101

1101 Mallard Pl.

Bentonville AR, 72712

(479) 553-9022

Mathnasium of Bentonville

103 SW Winsted Lane #13

Bentonville AR, 72712

479) 657-3000


1401 SE Walton Blvd

Bentonville AR, 72712

(479) 715-6870

ALOHA of Bentonville

1805 South West Regional Blvd, Suite 7

Bentonville AR, 72712

(479) 696-7889

Kumon Math & Reading Center of Bentonville

231 N Walton Blvd Suite #7

Bentonville AR, 72712

(479) 273-5866

*Note: This list is for reference only, as AAA does not endorse any of these local agencies.

Helpful Websites and Numbers for support:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Arkansas Suicide Prevention Support

: http://suicidehotlines.com/arkansas.html

Arkansas Crisis Center

1-888-CRISIS (274-7472)


National Runaway Safeline (Chat and texting support as well)

1-800-RUNAWAY or 1-800-786-2929


The Trevor Project (LGBTQ+ support)1-866-488-7386


Crisis Text LineText HOME to 741741 for support


How to start a conversation about mental health


Substance Abuse/Addiction Support

Additional Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction Resources


Local Agencies that provide free mental health/crisis assessments:Ozark Guidance CenterRogers/Bentonville Children’s Services

2003 SE Walton Blvd.

Bentonville AR, 72712


M-Th (7:30-6pm)

F (7:30-5pm)

Springwoods Behavioral Health

1955 W. Truckers Drive

Fayetteville, AR 72704



Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas

4253 Crossover Rd

Fayetteville, AR 72703



In an emergency, dial 911