Computer Science Focus for Kindergarten: 

    • Touch Typing through TypingClub
      • Touch typing emphasizes typing without looking at the keyboard. Students learn to type using TypingClub's colorful on-screen keyboard that indicates which finger to use.

    • Mouse skills through game-based learning 
      • Students will learn valuable technical skills in mouse control through fun games like ThisisSand and Connect the Dots!
      • Kindergarten students practice mouse skills such as pointing, clicking, double-clicking, and dragging.
    • Work respectfully and responsibly with others online
    • Describe & identify common computer hardware
      • Students will be introduced to a variety of technology. In their homerooms, they utilize tablets. In computer lab, they use desktop computers and will practice identifying the parts of a computer: mouse, keyboard, monitor, and computer tower.

Coding Practice

Mouse Practice



Digital Citizenship

"Pause & Think Online" teaches kids to be good digital citizens. Using verses and characters based on familiar body parts, the song and video help kids make the connection that safe, responsible, and respectful behavior online is a lot like behaving safely, responsibly, and respectfully in the offline world.