2020 Great Arkansas History Video Game Coding Competition

Since February, three AAA teams have been working on completing their portfolios for this inaugural competition. This year's theme is the role of the Civilian Conservation Corps within the creation of Arkansas State Parks. The students researched the topic by learning about the Civilian Conservation Corps' main purpose, going on a field trip to Devil's Den State Park and reviewing archival interviews of previous Arkansas CCC workers. They created storyboards of their game prior to coding. Each team created the majority of their graphics used in their game. They also had to create MLA citations of the historical work they used in their games. Let's celebrate them by playing their games! Have fun! 

Winners of Great Arkansas History Video Game Coding Competition Announced

Congratulations to Team 1 and Team 2 for placing 2nd and 3rd!

Devil's Den State Park Field Trip

CCC Clicker GameCCC CampaignCCC Travels Game
Team 1: Jeremy W., Alex M., Kayden L., Rhett H. Team 2: Connor B., Logan H., Jonah C., David G., Owen R.Team 3: Emory B., Britton D., Audrey P.
Game Description
Game DescriptionGame Description