Arkansas Arts Academy is a 20+ year old organization with 7 current Board Members. The Board of Directors of this K-12 public charter school meet each month of the year on the 2nd Tuesday. This year there are two open Board positions up for election which was held on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 from 7:30A to 7:30P and included a brief recorded presentation by all candidates. The deadline for applications was closed as of 5:00PM, April 6th, 2021.  An email was sent to the email of record of parents/guardians of current students on the day of election to each eligible voter which will have a link allowing them to vote.  Only parents/guardians of current students were allowed to vote. 

The official results of this year's elections are at this link:  Arkansas Arts Academy Board of Directors announces new leadership

Duties of school board members include:

  • Establishing policies that guide the operation of the school
  • Evaluating the CEO/Superintendent
  • Approving the annual budget, overseeing spending and reviewing curriculum
  • Maintaining high ethical standards of conduct for all those associated with the school

As a Board member you agree to attend regular monthly and special board meetings. A Board member may not be an employee of the school. A Board member must have a currently enrolled child or had a child graduate from the school. An elected Board member may not be married to a district-level administrator involved in school policy or decision making. The top two votes will elect the candidates to the two vacancies.

Here is the list of current candidates, as well as links to their candidate application and videos

Candidate Name Link to Candidate Application Link to Candidate Video
Ashli DuhamelCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video
Maurissa RobertsCandidate Application LinkCandidate Video
Howard J. AlsdorfCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video
Michael GillespieCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video
Tony MathersCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video
Tawfeek AbohammdanCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video
Adrianne Williams-McGinnisCandidate Application Link
Candidate Video